Order Terms and Conditions

Hayleys Mattresses

Hayleys Mattresses are brought to you by Toyo Cushion Lanka (Private) Limited and Creative Polymats (Private) Limited both of which are subsidiary companies for Hayleys PLC. From here on in terms we/us shall refer to the above mentioned companies.

Products & Pricing

All products are subject to availability. As we pride ourselves to supply the customers with products of utmost quality, selected products such as slow moving sizes, Luxury Mattresses and Rubberized Coir Mattresses are only manufactured on a made to order basis. We try our best to make sure all advertised products are in a position to be manufactured and delivered within the stipulated time unless stated otherwise.

All prices are shown in Sri Lankan Rupees (Rs.) inclusive of taxes, and we reserve the right to change any price at any time.

Standard delivery rates may also vary on a case by case basis. Our delivery policy is such that the advertised delivery rates includes delivery up to the second floor of a house/building. For buildings without elevators, additional charges will apply to deliver to third floor onwards for multi storey buildings. We kindly advise customers to inform our sales staff in this regard

In addition, delivery may not be possible to certain locations and/or delivery rates may differ as advertised. Please contact to verify this prior to placing the order

Method of Ordering

Orders can be placed online by following the prompts. Once your order reaches us, we will contact you to confirm the order and agree on the exact delivery date. Standard delivery period is between 1 to 2 weeks from the order date depending on the location.

Orders can be made online only for standard sizes advertised on the website. For customized sizes, orders have to be placed over the phone. Please make sure the correct size is ordered. Additional delivery charges may incur to replace incorrectly ordered models/sizes. For customized sizes, additional rework charges may also apply to modify incorrectly ordered sizes as well as additional delivery charges

Online Payment Facility Using Credit Cards

In order for the order process to be completed we expect full payment to be made including any applicable delivery charges. Please note cash on delivery option is not available.

We accept all Visa, Master Cards, Sampath Bank, American Express & Commercial Bank and HSBC Credit Cards. The Internet Payment Gateways at Sampath Bank, Nations’s Trust Bank, Commercial Bank & HSBC (GlobalPay) Bank will carry out Credit Card acceptance and authentication. Transactions routed through the gateway will be fully secured with 128-bit secure socket layer encryption with certification obtained from Verisign Inc., USA.


Customers will be contacted the day before the delivery date to inform the time slot within a 4 hour window during which delivery will take place. Kindly note as deliveries are following a delivery route, we will not be able to provide you with an exact time. In case of any deviations delivery personnel will keep you informed.

Our products pass through stringent quality check at each stage manufacturing. Upon accepting deliveries we advise customers to check the products thoroughly to make sure the correct product/size has been received without any damages. By signing the delivery note, it is deemed that products have been accepted in good condition

On occasions where deliveries cannot be completed on the agreed date, we will inform you within 24 hours and agree on an alternate delivery date


Refunds will only be made under the following situations

  • Subsequent to order placement, it has come to light that products are out of stock and that we cannot supply these within the agreed delivery date
  • The size/model has been incorrectly selected. In this situation, we will refund the additional amount paid only. We advise customers to thoroughly check all the details prior to confirming the order in order to avoid this situation

Please note under no circumstance shall we refund customized mattresses if production has already commenced

All refunds are processed within 2-3 working days. Further processing back to your credit card/bank account may require additional time depending on the bank/institution for which we cannot be held liable.

Product Returns

Customers have the right to return the products if at the point of delivery it is noticed that;

  • Products are different to the displayed products at Showroom/website. (Please note fabric colors may be different to those on display. We will inform you of this during order confirmation
  • Products are damaged
  • Incorrect model/size between the ordered product and delivered product

Under no circumstance shall we accept products due to complaints such as comfort of the product. We highly recommend customers visit one of our showrooms to get a firsthand feel for the product prior to purchasing.

In case customers wish to alter the composition of the mattresses, this could be arranged. For this additional material/labour/delivery changes will incur.

Warranty for Products

We guarantee that the supplied products are free from deficiencies and warrants that all products are all genuine, original and are suitable for the purpose intended.

  • Care Details for Your Attention
    • Do’s
      • Do make sure the mattress rests on an even surface. For beds with slats we recommend the use of plywood or cardboard.
      • Do carry the mattress vertically and avoid bending the mattress.
      • Do rotate the mattress end to end by using the months labels as a guidance
      • Do maintain the mattress surface in a dry environment.
      • Do use a mattress protector to avoid stains.
    • Don’ts
      • Do not bend the mattress under any circumstance.
      • Do not jump or stand on the mattress.
      • Do not use cleaning fluids to clean the mattress
  • Warranty Terms & Conditions
    • For this warranty card to be active please fill all the details at the bottom of the warranty card together with the rubber stamp of the dealer. Alternatively a copy of your purchase invoice containing these details will also be accepted together with the warranty card. Warranty will be active from the date on these documents.
    • Warranty period will vary depending on the type of mattress
    • Warranty is applicable only for defects to inner spring structure/coir block/foam block of the mattress. Such defects can be identified from the sagging effect. (Sagging is where the mattress structure goes down by more than 1 ½”).
    • Fabric & inner layers are not covered by the warranty. Due to improper usage of the mattress, outer fabric and inner layers can be damaged and to replace these the applicable nominal costs will be incurred.
    • Mattresses with unsanitary conditions will not be taken back for repair under any circumstance.
    • Hayleys Mattress will not be responsible for damages caused due to negligence, improper cleaning and damages caused by spilling of solvents or bodily fluids.
    • The mattress must be purchased from an Authorised Dealer of Hayleys Mattresses.
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to bring the defective mattress to the dealer for inspection and repair together with the warranty card/purchase invoice.
    • The Manufacturer has the sole authority to verify the nature of the defect and make a decision accordingly.

Order Related Inquires

If you have any inquiries regarding your on-line order you can contact;

  • Tel: 0112627112 | 0773295032 | 0769220484 | 0763695824
  • Email: Mattress.Shop@hayleysfibre.com