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For a soothing sleep with posture support!

With a firm inner spring system providing a solid base topped with various Comfort Foams for a firm sleeping surface, the Chiropractic by Springwall is a unique product specially designed to alleviate back/neck aches. These unique foams assist in relieving key pressure points in your body providing added posture support. Completed with a soft feel Cashmere Fabric you are sure to wake up refreshed and refuelled after a soothing sleep.
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Nature O Pedic


For an uninterrupted sleep with a touch of nature!

Latex is a naturally breathable material. Springwall’s NATURE-OPEDIC mattress is designed with a Pocketed Spring base supported by various comfort foams and topped with Natural Latex. The perforated Latex Foam act as a ventilator inducing air flow thus keeping the surface cool throughout the night. The individually wrapped spring coils also aides for a sound sleep by keeping motion transfer to a minimum reducing partner disturbance. Completed with premium Cashmere fabric you are guaranteed a long lasting sleep.
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Standard Pillow Top Mattress


Silver Collection – 10 Inch Spring Mattress

The standard 10” Pillow Top mattress consists of a Bonnell Spring Base topped with a soft 2” pillow top layer consisting of comfort foam. Finished elegantly with a soft quilted Knitted Fabric this value for money luxurious pillow top mattress should be your first choice if a standard pillow top is what you are after. Single side design and a warranty of 10 years.
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